Emerge Software

Post-processorFor Biesse Rover (480 controller)

  • Most people buy our software to use with CAD/CAM software, or just to bring the cycle-writing process to the computer and have a reliable backup system.

    BobCAD/CAM offers a free post-processor for Biesse Rover 480 (it works up to version v21, not with current version). You can download the post-processor directly from us by clicking here (295 KB). Other post-processors for BobCAD can be found here: http://bobcad.com/support/post-processors/.

    If you want to try this old version of BobCAD, you can download a trial version here (57.5 MB).

    If your machine is supported only by old versions of BobCAD we can try to help you to get a license. For this, contact us.


    Software File Size
    AlphaCam AlphaCam - Biesse Rover 321 MultiDrill.arp 19,674 bytes
    AlphaCam AlphaCam - Biesse Rover 346.arp 19,103 bytes
    ArtCam ArtCam RT480.con 3,651 bytes
    BobCad/Cam Biesse_Rover_480_Rev1.zip 294,358 bytes
    MasterCam X MasterCam X ROVER.zip 37,378 bytes

    Using a post-processed cycle

    Here is a simple walkthrough of how to import a post-processed cycle from BobCAD v21. We'll use a "Solid A" sample that comes with BobCAD.

    1. Import, open or create a cycle in BobCAD
    2. Generate NC for the cycle and export to a text file
    3. In CNi Floppy, select Import from Program menu
    4. Navigate and select the file you exported in BobCAD
    5. Now the code can be saved and transferred to a disk

    If you have any further questions about CNi Floppy please take a loot at the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly.