Emerge Software

Buy a license

  • If you tested the demo version and it works well with your controller, and you want to buy a full version, follow these steps:

    1. Pick a USB stick (pen drive). Check out the FAQ if you have questions regarding this step.
    2. Download and decompress the demo version, if you didn't already.
    3. Plug the USB stick to your computer (make sure it's working well and it's empty).
    4. Copy the demo version into the USB stick.
    5. Run the demo version.
    6. Go to the Floppy menu and select Write or Write image.
    7. It will show a code as in the image below. Use the mouse to select and Control + C to copy it.
    8. Put the code in Paypal or send it by email. If you are going to email the code, remember to use the same email as in your Paypal account.

    The price is US$ 500,00 for a lifetime license

    We make special prices for CAD/CAM resellers and for multiple licenses, contact us for details.

    Click the button below to proceed to Paypal.

    If you have any questions, please contact us.