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CNi Floppy 2.0Integration for RT and NC controllers

  • CNi Floppy is a software to read and write images/disks from old CNi controllers (i.e. RT480, RT481, NC500, NC1000).

    The program itself is a "cycles manager" and editor. You can backup and setup disk sets very easily. The editor is pretty much like the controller interface, plus you can copy/paste or import from a CAM exported NC text file.

    We no longer sell the "dongle" physical version, due to high delays on delivery by the international mail service and customs. We offer a "virtual" copy where you use a USB stick (pen drive) to store your license. You can find more information in the buy link.

    This screenshot illustrates CNiFloppy's main window. On this interface you can easily copy programs from floppy disks or image files to the Pen and vice-versa. It's where you'll have the cycles organized and in a safe media (the sd card).

    You can view some more screenshots to the right. Note that:

    • In the Properties tab, you define the panel dimensions, program name, comment and the machine configuration parameters.
    • In the Optimized drilling tab, you edit the drilling G-code with absolute values. In most cases, you won't touch this, since you can edit the drilling table (tab shown in picture) and optimize it in the machine controller.

    If you have any further questions about CNi Floppy please take a loot at the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly.


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